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DailyToon #441 DailyToon #441

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well that was

Unexpected to say the least. Certainly gave me shock value laughter that's for sure. Not bad at all, albeit the quality of both animations wasn't the best. The second (Bear) was as stated before, just pictures being tweened. Had there been some animation, I'd call it passable

The other one on the other hand, had a little more interest to it, but still not stellar. It does however take a step ahead of the other one giving it my vote.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

adam ant for president 2032

Free Run Treasure Hunt Free Run Treasure Hunt

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I don't go easy

Though it is far more interesting than most of the stick animations I've seen (considering this one isn't what I've seen thousands of times over in the past week), there are a few notable issues that you should be more careful about in the future. On a side note, it still isn't the most original idea out there, but has the chance to stand out above the rest. Just add more to it.

First being the resizing of your stickfigure. Try to keep him the same size throughout the entire animation or at least provide a reason (say, mushroom) for him all of a sudden becoming bigger. If there is no reason, don't resize him.

Another point is the lack of any opposition or conflict for this fellow stickfigure. I'm not saying other stickfigures try to kill him, I'm saying traps or obstacles that don't simply require him to climb or jump over to stand in his way. It adds that little bit extra

Not only that, but for a nimble guy as you demonstrated, it would seem he could just leap off the wall by the treasure chest without ever having to press that button. Just a little technical error within the animation. When he jumps off the wall to get on the ramp, he reaches about the same height he would have needed to vault off the wall on the opposite side, reaching the chest.

Background could use a little more work rather than plain gray. Why not add some character to it, for example a window or bricks to show it being a wall.

At times, the run cycle is fantastic, while others it looks sloppy and three framed. Try to maintain consistency with your micro animations

If it helps any, do the motion of the action you are trying to replicate yourself and simply observe what it looks like. Then go and animate it (just, not jumping from building to building, that may not end well)

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Woodsy93 responds:

I'm definitely going to make my next animation more consistent and have conflicts for him.

But when he presses the button, the environment changes so he has to go the other way.

Thanks for the advice. :D

Asian Doritosss!!! Asian Doritosss!!!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hey I recognize this


Well, as I said on that site, I quite enjoyed the voice acting of EAT IT. Made for a good chuckle and a rather enjoyable animation.

Lusin responds:

Thanks for enjoying it

law offices law offices

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Well it certainly does remind me of those commercials you see on television. I'm still puzzled about the 'had your colon removed' in one of them. Regardless

On the subject of this animation, you should have animated the laughing sequence. Not simply because it would look better, but it'd take that black screen and turn it into something useful. Black screens are sometimes useful, but not when it consists of the majority of an animation.

I quite enjoyed the parody as I just love those commercials.

bikeflip responds:


nothing is as it seems nothing is as it seems

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A neat idea

I quite liked the idea of it going from one thing to another as it slowly transforms into another picture. The black and white adds to it, though the drawings lack polish in some areas such as the bat and death.

On another note, I disagree with everyone saying a song would make this better. A song is simply a side bar to accompany an animation, not to make an animation better. Afterall, some songs some people choose are disliked by others and they see the animation as less than what it could have been.

It would have been better had to made death transition into the frog, rather than pan upwards and the frog appear from the bottom. That way it would have stuck with the motif of one thing becoming another.

Love can overcome all Love can overcome all

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice style

I really liked the style with this animation. It suited the theme of it quite nicely and the music added to it as well. Usually I despise white backgrounds, but for once it fit with it. Simplicity worked beautifully in this particular animation. The movements were fluid but the wiggle on the wall seemed out of place in comparison to the stickfigures.

Now, as my imagination takes over, I sort of wished the wall collapsed on him. It would have changed the pace and made me laugh, but hey, some other time for stick death.

Moving on from that pointless addition; I liked the animation, the overall message, and the way it was presented.

Happy Canada Day Happy Canada Day

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Go Canada

As a Canadian, I quite enjoyed the fact someone made an animation for Canada day. However, the fireworks need more variety in explosions (but the one you used still looked quite nice and fluid). As for background, it could use quite a bit of work to make it cleaner in presentation (already stated in the first review). Too bad you didn't code it yourself though